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COREIGN - Continuity

Album, 13 Songs.

Released October 2017.

[Progressive Hard Rock]




COREIGN - Silence

EP, 6 Songs.

Released July 2017.

[Instrumental, Ambient, Chilling Tunes]



COREIGN - Infinity

Album, 13 Songs.

Released July 2017.

[Progressive Hard Rock]




COREIGN - Lucidity

Album, 13 Songs.

Released April 2017.

[Progressive Hard Rock]




COREIGN - Equality

Album, 13 Songs.

Released November 2016.

[Progressive Hard Rock]




COREIGN - Affinity

Album, 14 Songs.

Released September 2016.

[Progressive Hard Rock]




COREIGN - Sphere

Album, 13 Songs.

Released March 2016 (as CORE)

Re-Released August 2016 (as COREIGN).

[Progressive Hard Rock]




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COREIGN on compilation of CoreMusick Promotions

COREIGN's song 'Hunger' was added in the compilation ‘The Violence of Mankind Chapter II’ of CoreMusick Promotions (UK). We are most happy and proud to be on this compilation!

The compilation can be found here:


 COREIGN @ Reverb Nation


You can listen to many of our songs in full length andfor free on our ReverbNation portal

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Albums, EPs, Singles and Compilations prior to June 2016 with our old Band name CORE, before we decided to rename the Band to COREIGN,  can be found here (