COREIGN - Album Tranquility released

We are happy and proud to inform you that on 16 April 2019 we have released our new Album Tranquility. It contains 13 Songs in Coreign's preferred Progressive Hard Rock style and is presently uploaded to our main distributors, the radio stations and the reviewers worldwide and is already available on most major streaming and download portals.

Guest Musicians:
Jimmy Youngman, USA
Wojtek Widuch, GBR

Cover Artwork by Elena Dudina.



Tranquility Album Review

On 31 May, we got an awesome, brilliant and very much to the point Review of our Album Tranquility by Paul Wolfle of the Music Interview Magazine (USA).

Thank you so much, Paul!

Tranquility Album Review

Music Interview Magazine


COREIGN in voting for IM Awards

Coreign's Song 'Passion' was added into the Independent Music Awards voting for March 2020 on LDM Radio (USA). It's a great pleasure and honor to be part in this voting!

Thanks a lot, very much apprechiated!

LDM Radio


COREIGN wins Oberlin Rocks voting

On 12 April 2019, Coreign won the rotation voting at Oberlin Rocks Radio (USA). Thanks to the great support of our awesome fan base, we got 53,7% of the votes to enter in the April rotation at this great Radio Station.

Thanks a lot, Chris and - of course - our fans and voters! you guys rock!!

Oberlin Rocks Radio


COREIGN #2 ranking for Passion

COREIGN's song 'Passion' did a #2 ranking at ZooTapRadio.FM (USA) Rock channel in the week of 11 Mar 2019. ZTR.FM is another RIA Radio Indie Alliance Radio Station and we are most happy and proud of this ranking, very much apprechiated!

Thanks a lot to ZTR.FM Radio Team, the listeners and the voters!



new website

we have decided to drop the old tool and build the website up again from scratch. Reto used his knowledge as a programmer and with the help of Notepad++, bootstrap, PHP, java script and some CSS and HTML, this is how it looks now. we hope you like it!


professional photo shooting

foto fässler
Well, it was high time to brush up our pictures. Our DIY stuff was OK for a start, but meanwhile we really needed better pictures and thus visited our Friend Steff. He did an awesome photo shooting with us and part of his professional work, you guessed it, can be seen right here at our new website.

Thank you very much, Steff!

Foto Fässler

COREIGN signed with Exquisite Noise Records

We are very happy and most proud to announce that Coreign has signed a distribution contract with Exquisite Noise Records (USA). As our Partner, Exquisite Noise Records will take care of our music distribution especially in the USA and on specific music portals worldwide, starting April 2018.

Thank you very much, Jason!

Exquisite Noise Records
ENR homepage
ENR @ facebook
ENR @ twitter

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