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COREIGN is a Swiss Progressive Hard Rock Studio Band.

While Progressive Hard Rock is sort of a least-deviant drawer to describe COREIGNs style, Curry and Reto, a married composer couple, however write songs across many Genres and it thus is very common for them to release also compositions and songs like Symphonic, Ballad, Funk, Blues, Rock, Punk and many more, and in any blend and sort of cross-over style, containing, but not limited to Gothic, Classic, Film and Musicals elements. It somehow is this ability of blending many influences into a song, while always sounding in their very unique COREIGN-style, that makes this Band a musical Chameleon.

Starting in April 2013 it soon became clear that, when two composers with similar taste and the ability to cover all instruments meet, this would be the blast. Choosing CORE [2013-2016] as their first band name thus was the obvious, reflecting this inner circle feeling of the two. While first the production of existing compositions of Curry and Reto was the goal, they soon started to compose songs together, mixing their wide variety of influences into their new combined song material.

Curry is fond of Progressive Rock and bands like "Within Temptation", "Evanescence" or "Nightwish", Reto's influences mainly stem from Hard Rock, Metal and Punk bands like "Led Zeppelin", "Cure", "Ufo" and many others. Having Rock Music as their melting point play ground, they released 7 Albums, 1 EP and 1 Single between March 2014 and March 2016, produced all by themselves within an ultra-short time. Using few correction and re-recordings, their songs keep a very vivid and live-sounding character that prefers the authentic, direct, raw and pure sounding over the nowadays over-corrected and over-produced.

Due to the fact that there are hundreds of Bands by the Name of CORE, they decided to rename their Band to COREIGN, starting in June 2016. And up to date, they keep a very high pace of producing one new album every few months and are thus constantly working on their next album...

Their goal is to further improve in crafting and technical production, still doing everything on their own: composing, arranging, playing, recording, mixing, mastering and producing; all is done by themselves. And, be assured, they will keep on interpreting "progressive" more as "avant-garde" than as a fixed Genre and they will surprise us again with new compositions, that in a very exact sense reflects what the definition of Jazz would mean: absorbing just every possible influence, combining it anew, and bringing it out again surprisingly...
[Dec 2018]



Album Tranquility - 13 songs, released Apr 2019
Album Eternity - 13 songs, released Oct 2018
Album Gravity - 13 songs, released Mar 2018
Album Continuity - 13 songs, released Oct 2017
EP Silence - 6 songs, released July 2017 [1]
Album Infinity - 13 songs, released July 2017
Album Lucidity - 13 songs, released April 2017
Album Equality - 13 songs, released November 2016
Album Affinity - 14 songs, released September 2016
Album Sphere - 13 songs, released August 2016 [2]

[1] a re-mastered release of the former CORE EP
[2] a re-release of the former CORE Album 'Sphere'



Band Video Lay All Down, May 2018
Band Video You Tell Me A Story, April 2018
Music-Video I Wait For You with Lyrics, May 2017
Music-Video Father with Lyrics, May 2017

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