Videos posted below this point were with our old Band name CORE, prior to June 2016 when we decided to rename the Band to COREIGN.

Fun in the homestudio

Fun in the homestudio

Burning Giraffe

In a co-production with Greg of regi entertainment we have created the video 'Burning Giraffe', a mix of real and stop-animation comix pictures. Started in 2010, the production went through an incredible development with many ups and downs, was interrupted for more than one year and almost was dropped. But finally, the underlaying story was found and could be told; the story of you and me, of love, of pride and fear, of anger, of our dreams ... in short, the things that mean and form - Life. Released finally in February 2014, we had learned a lot about video production; this in fact was the major reason for the stop: should we just throw away everything and start all over again with the newly obtained knowledge? No. We decided to release our first video, with all it's lacks and inadequacies, so that others, you, could take part in the great fun we had doing it. The budget by the way was $ 3.96.

Burning Giraffe - part 1

On The Road

Burning Giraffe - part 2

The Interview

Burning Giraffe - part 3

The Gig

Burning Giraffe - Making of

Making Of