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Nanagen Dokusousha, Japan [lead guitars]


Born 1963 in Nishinomiya City and grown up in Toyonaka City, Japan. Started to play guitar at the age of 18. Joined and played in many different Bands until the age of 28 and then decided to start a solo career. Since 2005 he started to play 7 string guitar and bass and is creating instrumental music by using his PC. He is married and actually lives in Mino City, Osaka.

Nanagen Dokusousha contributed on the album 'Lucidity' where he played lead guitars, clean guitars and obliteration guitars on 3 of the Songs: 'Father', 'Beloved Brother' and 'Hard Times'.

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Adam Gordon, USA [bass]


Born 1985 in Warsaw, Poland. He started his music education at the age of 8 as a piano player and grabbed his first guiter at the age of 12. Later on he became a professional guitar and bass guitar player, and keeps mastering his mixing, production and soundtrack creator craft too. He played numerous shows in Europe and US with great artists representing Hip-Hop, Avangarde, Blues, Rock and Metal. He is known for his precision of playing and characteristic chops and currently is living and working half in the US and half in Europe.

Adam Gordon contributed on the album 'Lucidity' where he played the bass on the Song 'Father'.

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Kojiro COPAN Kawai, Japan [lead guitars]


Born 1992 in Osaka City and grown up in Suita City, Japan. Started to play guitar at the age of 18. His artistry cover Guitar, Composition, Mixing, Mastering and Illustration and he has achieved success in Broadcasting on Japanese Radios, usage of his works in Web Games as well as Releases of Karaoke Music.

COPAN contributed on the album 'Gravity' where he played lead guitars in 'Undeserved Love' and 'Sweet Loving' as well as on Album 'Eternity' in the Song 'Baby Baby Blue'.

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Klarissa Collins, USA [lead guitars]


Born 1989 in Klamth Falls, OR USA. Introduced to guitar at the age of 4. Started playing in bands at the age of 13.
She is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, and keyboard. Also, she has played in many cover bands and original bands since high school 2008. Mostly self taught but some professional training. Since May 2018, she has been the Bass Player with Insanity's Reign, an upcoming Trash and Melodic Metal Band.

Klarissa Collins contributed on the Album 'Eternity' where she played the lead guitars on the Song 'Handicaped'.

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Jimmy Youngman, USA [lead guitars]


Born 1953 in Rochester NY USA, he started to play guitar at the age of 8 and traveled the USA and Canada with numerous bands. He started out in the 60's playing mostly R&B music but quickly progressed into heavier rock in the late 60's to 70's. His main guitar influencers are Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie Montrose, John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, Neil Shon, Larry Coryell, Larry Carlton and many other. He is currently recording in his Egoextravaganza Studios with the new Egoextravaganza Band and helping in other recording projects. He is married for 34 years, father of two and grandfather of five.

Jimmy Youngman contributed on the Album 'Eternity' where he played the lead guitars on the Songs 'It's All About You' and 'He's Alive'.

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