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Fear God

always be true
always be true
always be true
always be true

let us build a bigger tower
up into the highest sky
let's assemble greater power
as if we never had to die

let us worship golden idols
let us gamble, role the dice
adultery with temple harlots
and crucify the sacrifice

if oh God your wrath comes true
I only can beg to you

oh, save my soul save my soul
save my soul - on monday
- tuesday
- wednesday
- thursday

let us break their bands asunder
cast away their cords from us
rioting and spread a wonder
and why not use some little lies

dwelling all in painful lust
and if freedom is in vain
why should it be our problem
to make more money means more gain

and if oh God your wrath comes true
I only only only can beg to you

oh, save my soul save my soul
save my soul - on monday
- tuesday
- wednesday
- thursday

- friday
- your day
- each day
- all days
Stop This Madness

Face the truth
We turned apostate from Him
And His call
We didn't hear and gave ourselves to sin

Stop this madness now and turn around to God
To the Lord, who has paid at the cross with His blood

They love their godless works at night
Truth corrupted, denied
Darkness devours the earth because
People, they don't ask for the light

Don't move on
Dark forces are fighting for you
Hear God's voice
Don't harden your hearts, His calling for you

Praying and pleading for this world
As long as it is called today
It is not too late yes there is still
Time to change this wrong way


now that I see,
in the light,
stand my ground,
my way is bright

it's not my truth
just your view
see my heart
it's telling you

See that light
Shining bright
Can't you see
That love makes free

Homemade doctrine
Becomes your truth
What you believe
Is what you do

You think you see
But you are blind
consider if
its' just your pride

see you and I are in the same boat
I learn from you
but see you learn also from me
we are baptized by one spirit
so as to form to form one body

See you can fall
Though you are wise
beware, watch out
for satan's lies

Humble yourself
it's in God's hand
do not believe
you're omniscient

judgement and truth
all in one
yes it is done

so you decide
wrong from right
arguments, they all are gone

Reveal Me Your Love

Did I fail again
Do I still live in your will
Do I live my calling
Or someting I'd have to fulfill
Serving with my gifts
Your kingdom, the first place
Am I faithful and will I see your face

Reveal me how much you love me
Show me lights that I can't see
Your love surpasses my knowledge, I'm not able to conceive
That you love me, so often I can't believe

I feel so grieved
Fears, catching up again
I try not losing my trust
Can you really love me the way I am
And I cannot do anything for you
It's your death at the cross that sets me free

Your love that I don't have to earn
Your love like fire, please let it burn
From my own works and efforts I would love to cease
Give me your rest, your devine peace, I'm on my knees

I put on the whole armor of God
I've found the life in his blood
My waist is grided with the truth
God's heart is grace and ruth (I put on)
The breastplate of righteousness
My saviour who I confess
I take the shield of faith and I avert
All the evil's fiery arrows, of hurt

Galaxy Child

hanging out
on planet PX one
staring into darkness
the extincting sun
perfect isolation
i feel so lone
i've got no reason
ain't got no fun

why must i be so lonely
why must i cry
what is the sense of all this
what is my try
where did i take the wrong way
and where did i fail
there seems to be no reason
no cure and hail

Darling you didn't go wrong
your path is the right
look to the stars
they are your guiding light
i'm always with you
even if i'm not here i promiss
i am protecting you
you don't have to fear

i miss you
i miss you oh so bad
you're so far away
and i can't reach you
there's no answer
on the line
oh Darling you're so far away
and i need you
i can't reach you
there's no answer on the line
where are you?
why can't i reach you Darling
i miss you
oh i miss you oh so bad
i go crazy
you're so far
and i can't reach you Darling

i'm with you
you're not alone
i'm here with you
i answer
i'm close
i need you too
there is one
i'm here
just take my hand
i miss you too
i hold your hand
i'm near

Free Me

Chilling on the front porch
I'm staring in the dark
I raise my head and look up
and start to count the stars
a strange and akward feeling
is overcoming me
for I think one more time
about a sense in life
for me

free me, free me
free me
once again
free me, free me
free me
from my pain

Holding back my tears
I feel like I was lost
as all comes at a price
and now I pay the cost
I was so dumb, a fool
that lie she was so low
and I have to admit
the end is near, I have to go

staring into darkness
I slowly start to weap
now all feels so so wrong
and all was just so cheap
I'm feeling so forsaken
and so I start to see
I've sawn is what I reap
and all is falling back on me

Not what I've acheived
it sure was by surprise
and all that's given to me
I'm thankful and I praise
it all had become true
now that I have it all
I'm asking is it all from you

Devil's Dance

Defiled, abused
It's your malice, that has made you so blind
What have you done to her?
Death warrant you've signed

All her trust, that you've betrayed
So mad thoughts, you've sealed her fate
You sold her to Satan's brood
All your promises, an empty platitude

No rights, worthless
Numbered days and denied help and no chance
You have kept dancing
A devil's dance

She is not your property
You have robbed her liberty
Authority you have misused
All her love, that you have just refused

Hunted, pursued
No escape, a dark and bad, lonely jail
In her eyes, fear of death
Her face deathly pale

My True Love

If I only could tell you truly what I feel for you
If I only could find the words, to say how much I love you

It's like I have been in love for the first time
From the first moment I wish you would be mine
I feel this feeling so deep inside
The desire you would hold me tight

Always my true love I love you so
Forever you and me I will never go

In your arms the world could stand still I feel so secure
You're the one of my life I know it for sure

Our love she could open each way and each door
She is our indestructible core
I can't describe how much you mean to me
On your side I feel so happy

The most beautiful day
Didn't care that it was so much rain
It was the day since I have your surname

I love you, oh I love you, oh I love you, love you so
I love you, oh I love you, oh I love you, love you so

Stop War

so many people, they are living under war
the peace, that they want seems so far

imagine a world
children playing with their friends
like good neigbours
they live together and shake hands

freedom is what we all would need
but it's destroyed by a few's greed

imagine a world
without hunger and poorness
without debts, suffering, pain or loneliness

destroyed homes, torn apart families
war fuels hate and rage, burned into their memories

imagine a world
without destructiveness and no greed
we all share equal rights
we get what we need

Black Widow

Her nails do shine like blood
Seductive glances, pale skin
Sparkling eyes, like gems

Pitch black hair
She reaches out for you
her fingertips, they touch your hands
So soft and warm

Run away as long as you can
Do not be fooled, it's your downfall
You can't win at all
No escape you're trapped in her claws
Her net is webbed, you're her prey
It's her deadly play

she drops her gaze guiltless
Devoting stance, rueful look
Expose her, she bluffs

Eternal pain
The noose around your neck
Confess your sins
Call to him
Your final chance

Run away as long as you can
Do not be fooled, it's your downfall
You can't win at all
No escape you're trapped in her claws
Her net is webbed, you're her prey
It's her deadly play

Let Go

consumed by deep hatred
you are so resentful
hate destroys you
let you become ugly and awful

let go, stop walking
down in memory lane
don't waste your time
it keeps you prisoned in your pain

let go, all that causes pain
you go insane
take your life in your hands break free
forgiveness is the key

hate builds your own prison
your neck hangs on the chain
turn around and look ahead
start all over again

Out Of Joint

Destroyed dreams, it’s a new day
What’s expecting you on your way
Still bad memories about yesterday
Will it be better today?

Where do you go? What will you find? Can you turn around?

And now it’s coming over you again
Scary feelings press you down
No escape from the deep and black hole
For a long time you've lost control

Now you're here, the path is blocked. Is it too, too late?

Your life it is out of joint
This way you cannot go on
Will you accept his help
You cannot fight all life long, all alone

Tearing stream tears you far away
Realize, you missed the goal
You thought, that you could do it all alone
But you sold, sold your soul

Don't you hear? He calls your name! Turn around, around!

My Helmsman

I did not make it Lord
I stumbled over my past
My strength was not enough
She tore me apart like a blast
It's your strength, that makes me strong
I can't win alone

In the middle of this strom
The waves are so high
You are my helmsman
I know I won't die
So I trust you to do it so well
You have the power to calm the storm
And to smooth the waves
So I just look at you
Your love she calms and she saves
Your grace yes it frees me from this hell

All my wounds and my scars
I know you see them all
You can tear the wheel around
If I drive against the wall
You hear my call, why should I fear
You're beside me, so near

You know all my needs
For my life you've got a plan
You know the direction
You won't let me down
Cause you are my helmsman


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