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With You I'm Done

Another mail from you
With silly icons in blue
Loaded with tiny red hearts
A senseless try for rewards
Soppy words without sense
And all those typos so dense
Your blather, it's such a fake
Stop! For heavens sake
I don't buy your excuse
You tried obscuring the truth
Hey guy you failed it's so crude and lame
All your attempts were in vain

Now I pick my stuff, leaving from here
I won't be looking back it's over dear
I take a new start, and so I'm gone
It's over, with you I'm done
There ain't no second chance, it is too late
I'm not your supergirl, I tell you straight
This is my last good-bye and so I'm gone
It's over, with you I'm done

All the pics from you
I've smashed them ruthless in two
I spoilt the perfume down the drain
The smell drives me insane
I will never forgive you
Cause you're a liar, untrue
I've dumped your roses to the blue
Nothing reminds me of you
You pretend to love me
Hey, how could I agree
I saw you fooling around don't lie
So now I tell you goodbye

Joy Of Life

Fun and joy what’s the meaning of those words, when life always just hurts
I’m full of pain, sick and sad, what’s the sense of this game
My soul poisoned, dying, I’m drowning
I'm so sad the question now why am I alive
Everyday is just a fight, where is the joy of life?

I’m longing for the feeling, that life is such a beautiful thing
The thing that could keep me alive, only is the joy of life

I try to move on and on, I try to have fun
Emptiness my soul has stabbed by a knife
I’m suffering, where is the joy of life?

I want to break free of pressure and stress, fill up my emptiness with happiness
Show me the way, how I can survive, bring it back to me the joy of life

Light In Darkness

You can’t solve my problems or take away my pain
But you can be the rainbow in the rain

Sometimes my life is sad and everything seems so bad
Beautiful things in my life are all dead
The sun is covered behind a dark cloud
I look up to the sky, but there’s no light
The day becomes an endless night
I could scream out loud

A voice says to me, that I’m not alone
I don’t have to get everything on my own
Someone is here if I feel helpless
You are the light in darkness

The clouds let a sunbeam through
The grey sky becomes blue
You are the one, who cares how I feel

You’ve got a way that’s amazing
I’ve got a very special feeling
I can’t describe my head is a mess
You are the light in darkness

You can’t solve my problems or take away my pain
But you can be the rainbow in the rain


Combat! Let's fight! Are you ready?
Step into the light
Get ready to fight
Your power comes from deep inside
Concentrate and you'll do it right
Your opponent will begin
All you want is to win
You are going to fight, you are going to fight

Your fists before your face
Defending your place
Fixing your gaze
Through the haze

Stand up and fight
Feel the power deep inside
Hold the cover don't show fear
And your victory is near
Alright! Fight until you sweat
Got hard fight for your life
Yeah that's your combat

Just one can win
It's all or nothing
Don't hesitate
It's not too late

Stand up and fight
Feel the power deep inside
Hold the cover don't show fear
And your victory is near

Stand up and fight
Feel the power deep inside
Hold the cover don't show fear
And your victory is near
Be ready keep in motion
And you're going to sweat
Go hard fight for your life
Yeah that's your combat

Blue Seas

I try to stop the noise
This tormenting voice in my head
I'm feeling so depressed
Not alive, not yet dead

All that I am and I will be
Is feeling sad
And there is noone
Holding my heart
Hurting so bad
Floating in blue seas
Of my endless tears I've cried all night
It takes my breath away
When I slammed that door
It's such a fight

I try to avoid my next attack
This panic inside that I feel
Fighting so hard to find myself
My wounds, would they ever heal

Let me flee their cosmic breeze
Addicted to the vanities
A superficial point of view
They simply have no clue
They simply have no clue

All has gone, all seems so low
Nomore a child, all has changed
I should be strong, but I'm so weak
This nightmare, I feel so deranged

I changed my ways
In a different way
For today
Just my messy thoughts
Hold me back, yes they stay
Floating in dark clouds
Counting all those sad and spilled drops of rain
Searching for the sun
Chasing butterflies, disguise and pain

Leave The Night

Candle light is blending into morning light
A breeze of violets that lasted from the night
And like all drifters you'd gone again
And I'd be sad and lonely noone would ease my pain

Looking in your sad eyes you hush away
No time to ask you if you would love to stay
I am ashamed of life again
And I'd be sad and lonely noone will ease my pain

Ease my pain
No noone
Noone will ever ease my pain

It feels like I was captured behind some bars
And though my wounds are healing I still wear these scars

Oh, can't you see
Oh, do see me
Oh, come help me
Please set me free

The shadows call me and there is no looking back
I know my life is like a darker shade of black
I only want revenge and yes, I know it's true
I'm feeling bad and guilty cause I'll be hurting you

Oh, can't you see
Oh, do see me

It seems to me this is my life I have to live
With all these nightmares and those i can't forgive
Darkness surrounds me it's all black and cruel and cold
The dark rest of my story is still, still untold

It's not the time now and it is not this place
For me to have a smile upon my broken face
You tried your best to show me the path of light
But still this darkness holds me in her claws so tight

This is my life, my battle I can not win
But still I'll try and struggle to let you in
Maybe one day that I might see the light
And with your help and grace I could leave this night

Unconditional Confidence

People want to tell me
What they decide is right for me
They're wrong, cause there's nobody
Who knows my human destiny

My God I trust and I keep my faith just in you
Noone knows the plan for my life, noone but you

Feelings of guilt is strategy
Pressure their philosophy
Time now that I break free
From their self-made sovereignity

My God in the silence you talk to my heart so clear
I know that I'm yours and that I don't have to fear

My God I trust in you
My God I belong to you
My God I love you

Thank You Lord

There's no need to fear
I know I'm save I cannot stumble
Cause you're here
You won't avert your eyes from me
You took my shame
You died for me and so I praise your name
I'm restored
I thank you, thank you Lord!

Everyday I wanna say how much I'm thanking you
For your love, for your grace
I give all my praise to you
Oh dear Lord, my saviour oh I need you everyday
I can't live without you
You're the shiners on my way

I am so replete
I feel the joy of your salvation
It's no deceit
You wrenched me from perdition
My past disgrace
Justified freely by your grace
I'm restored
I thank you, thank you Lord!

If you call I answer you
Your will I'd like to do
I am forever yours
I worship you
Marvellous and true

Thank you Lord
Jesus Christ
Thank you Lord
My King

Unbearable Reality

Everything I long for does not exist in reality
All my desires are illusions
The reality is like a rude awaking
So I escape into my dreamworld

What's wrong with me I can't stand the reality
I'm on the run, I have to escape I can't go on

Everything seems too much for me
All the people who want to talk to me
I want to be invisable, I want to hide
But I have to show, it's such a fight
Dreamworld I need you
I have to flee into
Please comfort me
It's were I wanna be

Don't tear me out of my save world
My dreams protect me from this unbearable reality

I won't go back I won't return
Within my dreams I will stay
I'm fine, I'm okay
I can't return in an unbearable reality
My dreams are my shelter they protect me

Visit At Night

I see shadows on the wall of my house in the moon light
Who is creeping through my backyard around midnight
Who is stalking me
I've no clue who this could be
Should i go or should i hide
I feel scared inside

Just let me alone
Don't bother me your not welcome here
You're standing on my ground
This is not your sphere

Now he's standing next to my window and is looking inside
I'm ducking behind a chair with eyes open wide
Why are you here
Go away don't make me fear
I'm on the edge of dispair
Caught in a nightmare

Funky Kingston Rainbow

I'm jumping up up and down and i'm having my fun
I dance round round and round hopping up and down
Tonight i play i play my music with my funky band
And litta sis we'll be groovin' if you understand

Sorry little sister
But today i don't feel like listening to the funky music
But you know how much I love to listen to the voice of Baby Jean Kennedy
Listening to Mothers Finest, Meters, Wild Cherry, Commodores and The Chilli Peppers
Grand mother funk, funky music on my ear
And again it feels like

I was walking on a rainbow
Hopping up and down and
Round and round and round
I was walking on a rainbow
Falling down

Forever In My Heart

Too much has happened, too much pain I guess
Misunderstanding, hurtful behavior, helplessness
Disappointment and hurt have caused something inside of me
I’ve become reserved, built a wall and since I haven’t let you near me

I wish I soon find again
A way back to you
Find confidence, lay down my mask
And i say it when I feel blue

I know that you do so much for me and I mean so much to you
I know that you care whether I’m fine, you would be here for me anytime
Difficult for me to show, but I’m profoundly grateful and I love you so

You behaved as if you know it all, it caused pain
You have condemned me, without letting me explain
Misunderstood and hurt, my heart couldn’t ignore it nomore
It broke and therefore I wouldn’t want to talk to you about problems anymore

I don’t blame you, I’ll hold the line
I know it will come the time
When the wounds will heal
And again I’ll be real

Break The Silence

Cloak in secrecy
Dense fog
Shed blood
Unpenetrated darkness
Extinct lights
Wasted lifes
Dark thoughts
Empty glances

We can hate the others and distance from each other
We can maltreat our enemies and force them to atrocities

We can steal and destroy or curse our neighbours
We can persecute minorities and we can enslave them
But we only can subsist in our entirety
This world belongs to all of us
It's our responsibility to save this world
That we take care of our fellows and of nature

Break the silence and open your eyes
Like this we can't go on, let's go otherwise
Put your hands together, together we are strong
Let us be humans among other humans, egoism is wrong

We can burn our homes and tear everything down
We can clearcut our forests and poison our rivers

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