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He's Alive

On a day so long ago someone had died
Was dead but then became alive again as an eternal light

Shout it out! He's alive!

He lives today and he is the life
He's not in disguise
Who believes in him will live forever
Even though he dies

A mystery was hidden like a treasure now it is free
It's Christ that lives in God's people the hope of Glory

He doesn't live just in a dusty book
No, no he is near
He doesn't live somewhere out in the space
No, he is here

Nothing New Under The Sun

What ya think, are you so important?
So that you could shape the world?
Generations they come out of the shadow
Here they come and there they go
The sun rises and it sets the wind blows to the south
And turns to north and turns around and never dies

It's here but can we remember?
As it's forgotten in surrender

What you've said and what you've done
Do you think, you are right?
Rivers stream into the sea yet the sea is never full
And see the people's wickedness so bad and cruel

It's here but can we remember?
As it's forgotten in surrender
Eyes have never got enough to see
Nor the ears have got enough to hear
What has been done, will be done
Nothing new under the sun

Do you think that you're so, so wise
And hey you can't you see
Everything is meaningless that's gained under the sun
A senseless chasing after winds a breathless run

Nothing, of what they say that is new
Was here already, long ago, yes it's true
It's here but can we remember?
As it's forgotten in surrender
The eye has never got enough to see
Nor the ear has got enough to hear
What has been done, will be done
Nothing new under the sun


Release Me

Life is full of fights, enemies, dark mights
They’ve got me in their sights, they torment me days and nights

Release me, from all my fears I break free
Compulsions, pain, uncertainty, they cannot control me
I want to be free

So many times, I’ve tried, to overcome, to win the fight
But I’ve failed again and again, I’ve had no choice, I’ve had no plan

Troubles every day, obstacles in my way, I won’t stand them anymore

Danger zones everywhere, the enemies won’t play fair
But they cannot control my life, I’m stronger, I will survive

I’ve been a prisoner of my fears, compulsions prevailed my days years by years
But now I affront and I say, go away!

It's All About You

Nothing new I could say
Always the same everyday
It's so unspeakable to know you
So this song is for you

Honor you, with all I am
I sing with all my strength
I thank you so
I'm celebrating you, just every day
It's all about you my God
You are the way
Praising you, for all you've done
My heart's so full of joy
I love you so
You are my life it is all about you
Jesus my Lord and Saviour
You are the truth

I know you don't need more
It's just you I live for
Nothing that could be greater than to know you
It's all about, about you


Two Lonely Souls

Two lonely souls are so lost
They go on what ever it costs
Searching for a connected heart
Hoping never falling apart
On their way there’s so much pain
Life seems so much in vain

They still stumble further
Where’s the sense for this, there’s no answer
But never losing their faith
That someone will give them grace
A leading hand that leads them on
During the night till the gray of dawn

One day they'll meet
Feeling so attracted, so complete
It is like an undertow
Like highest, powerful current flows
They are touching, seeing in their eyes and holding them tight
A break-up of feelings and longing's exploding deep inside

With powerful strengh they walk on
Every bad feelings they are gone
Surrounded by radiant fire
They fulfill all their desires
The magical bond between those two
In every crises they will go through

They understand themselves without any words
Together they protect themselves and so they'll never can be hurt
In every storm and each wasteland
they're always like one
They will reach each other their hand
And they'll go towards the sun


I look at you, fascinated, I cannot speak
It’s such an undertow, I feel so weak
I can’t take my eyes of you
It draws me to you, I long for you

You touch me, I feel the heat
You kiss me, I feel my heartbeat
You desire me, seduce me, I can't breath
Overwhelmed by so many feelings, I've got weak knees
You've got the power and I don't fear
I feel protected and secure, I want you near

You turn me on
You attract me so
So addicted to you
Never let you go
You turn me on

I’m under your spell, I'm safe in you
You can have all of me, I trust in you

One touch, one kiss from you, I can let go
You’ve got me with my will, my heart, my soul
I can’t resist you, there’s nothing I could do
All I want is to be with you

Fatal Attraction

I'm totally submissive to you
I do everything you tell me to do

You cast a spell over me
You force and command
You have control over me
So I can't understand

Why do you attract me though
You treat me badly
Though you oppress me
I don't know why

I submissively obey you
I never contradict you too

You demonstrate your authority
You punish and demand
You behave so dominantly
So I can't understand

The more I submit myself
The more I feel the urge to starve
To harm myself
And I want to die

Baby Baby Blue

Baby baby baby blue
Don't you know that I love you
Baby baby can't you see
Oh with you i wanna be
Baby baby baby please stay
Stay with me for a while
Can you help me please
And can you give me that smile

Baby baby don't you know
That right after the show
I'll come around to hold you
And to lay in your arms
Baby baby don't say no
Baby baby please don't go
Baby baby I need you
And maybe I love you

Something in my heart tells me to stay with you
I cannot live one day without you


[dedicated to Randy Roger Flores García]

I want to run but my feet don't move
I can not hide, I can not flee
I am delivered to your love and help
I wish you'd be caressing me

I can hear these screams inside of me
But I won't show, I won't confess
At the bottom of the sea of my tears
I'm floating in dark loneliness
The shadows of the night are falling down
And cover up all pain in me
If only I could silence all these screams
These longings deep inside of me

I'd love to walk away like everyone
And that my legs would carry me

It hurts me so you call me handicapped
And that you turn your back on me

Nothing Separates Me From You

I feel lost and I feel cold
A strange world's favour is so stoned
But truth lies beneath and sets free
At the cross where you died for them and from me

Everything can be taken
Everything be forsaken
Certainty of the end is not a taboo
No assets can buy free
Death, the only guarantee
But nothing separates me from you

I feel low and I feel sad
This strange world's doctrine is so bad
It is so far away from what it seems
A heresy of desires and dreams

I trust in your presence in rainy days
I trust in your strength on dark scary ways
You bought me free from sins and shame
I believe in your name

Yes I know it's Babylon
This strange world's power will be gone
A white horse and its rider is you
And you're called Faithful and True

You've Lost Me

Two damned years I’ve been waiting for you
I’ve done everything, you’ve told me to do
I’ve been suffering, but you didn’t care
You’ve treated me like a damned affair

I gave you my heart, but you broke it in two
Now you’ve lost me, I will live without you

You’ve said, you would have feelings for me
A relation I haven’t been worthy
You’ve let me believe, the day would come
When you and I would be as one

I’ve feared, that I would never get away from you
I went through hell to get over you

Wanna Thank You

When I’m down, you’re by my side
You help me and hold me tight
You’ve got an ear, when I have to talk to
I always can count on you

With this song I just wanna tell you
I’m so pleased, that I can have a husband like you
Thank you, that you accept me
With all my mistakes and human frailty

Thank you for your patience
In many things you’ve got a sixth sense
Thank you for your understanding
For your love and just everything

Words Can Never Say

I see where I've been filled with wonder
My life a nightmare so full of lightning and thunder
I prayed so many years and you heared my pleading my God
I needed patience you did not forget me
I just can't believe how far you've gone with me
Hopefully I go your way created for me

Words can never say
How grateful I am
You showed me the way
I thank you and love you so

I knew I can't do it alone
I needed your strength and you leadership that I overcome
You gave me what I really needed to survive
I see the progress I've made with you
And in hard times you help me through
What ever comes you are my rescue

So long I couldn't trust in you
A step that I couldn't do
Not able to understand
My life is save in your hand

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