The Albums, EP and Compilation posted here were with our old Band name CORE, prior to June 2016, when we decided to rename the Band to COREIGN.

The Albums and the EP (released by were taken off the market. The Compilation "Metal Assault Vol. 2" (released by March Baby Media) however is still available.

CORE - These Albums and the EP are not available anymore...

CORE - Sphere

Album, 13 Songs.

Released March 2016.


CORE - Silence

EP, 6 Songs.

Released December 2015.


CORE - The Tide

Album, 13 Songs.

Released November 2015.


CORE - Spotlight

Album, 13 Songs.

Released August 2015.


CORE - Stage

Album, 13 Songs.

Released April 2015.


CORE - Platform

Album, 14 Songs.

Released December 2014.


CORE - One Step Further

Album, 13 Songs.

Released June 2014.


CORE - Level 1

Album, 14 Songs.

Released March 2014.

CORE on "Metal Assault Vol. 2" compilation

CORE's song "Hunger" is featured on the "Metal Assault Vol. 2" compilation, presented by Keep it Metal promotions, COSMICK Productions & Online Metal Promo and released by March Baby Media on 1 Mar 2015. The digital compilation includes 27 bands from hard rock to death metal and it’s all yours for only $1.00 !!! Visit the link below and get your copy!  (MP3 format)