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Living Hope

Hey don't forget, see who we are
We are called by his name
They spill his people in senseless wars
And take our lifes without shame

Praise be to God and Father
A testimony without shame
His great mercy, a living hope
Born again in Jesus name

We are not done
As we get sicker
We're doing our jobs
While you drink liquor
Leave stones on our way
Cause you're just lying
Got nothing to say
We refuse the dying
The workforce of God
We are the spice that salts the earth
So now we're standing up for ...

So we stand up
And we go further
Refusing to be
Your beast of burden
And we do not share
Your sinful passion
Your endless thirst
For fame and fashion
No losers we are
We serve our God with all our will
So now we're standing up for Jesus!

We will not fall
Cause he is steady
Hearing his call
So we are ready
And even in storms
We won't surrender
We see his light
He's our defender
The blamed ones we are
We are the scapegoat for your lies
So now we're standing up for...

Chaos everywhere, that is our guilt
That's what we sown and that's what we built
We thought we knew it better
Wanted to do our thing
A pact with Satan, the sin

Father we confess
We have failed, we're gone astray day by day
What have we done?
Father we repent
We were wrong, we didn't ask for your will
Redeem us in the blood of your son

Yes it's the sin, the leads to death
It rules us until we'll take our last breath
There's just one way to free us from its might
The path that leads into the light

Father thank you so
For your undeserved gift you give to us
Into your son
Sin will pass away
But your glory lasts forever and a day
All honor to you and your son
Lying Hypocrite

Brittle sprouts can't carry, when you climb
Wrong decisions can not turn the time

Fame has stifled your soul
Might is in control
Wisdom, despised, suppressed
A sick heart can't beat in your breast

Thin ice does not hold you, watch your feet
Snowballs they will melt soon in the heat
The loose rope will never hold your fall
And corruption won't help you at all

Lying hypocrite
Fires you have lit
Poisoned tongues you lie
Flames are risinig high
Rotten is the grave
Foiled the way you pave

A house on sand can't stand in the tide
The court is the sinking of your pride

Lies have blinded the ruth
Confusion is the proof
No fear of God, no law
A blurred image you have drawn

Broken wings are useless, they can't fly
If you fall from thin air you will die
The closed gate refuses you the way
Tempting is the path that leads astray
All Or Nothing

You deceive yourself, you repress the truth
You say you are weak and beg for ruth
You make excuses and give into temptation

Darling if you want to win the fight,
It all has to start and come from inside
Addiction makes you a false promise
It exploits your facileness
You must decide: all or nothing

You conceal regresses, you whitewash the danger
You disguise, you behave like an actor
You say you have it under control
From The Bottom Of My Heart

From the bottom of my heart
To you Darling
Music, is my life, is my soul
Every word, every tone comes from deep inside
From my heart, from my soul
It’s the speech of my heart
It’s what always keeps me alive
Music is my inexhaustible strength
It drives me on and on
Gives me power
Every song I wrote to you, is from the bottom of my heart
To you Darling
The Last Dance

Now that she's got that job in the city
Far far away
She'll be leaving town, moving boxes
No, she will not stay
She uses glee now and making her nails
A bit modern, bit cliche

And so they're singing, turning round
Dancing cheek to cheek
But lost is the romance
Kidding like in the old days
They start to realize
It's their very last dance

She has cut her hair and now she's wearing
Her blue jeans all day
Looking good with her dark sun glasses
Yes, she'll go away
Looking like those cover girls
Smiling along the day

She has got some tats and looks so changed now
Nothing's left to say
She will move to that big, bad city
Far far away
She'll be leaving, yes she is moving
No, she'll not stay
Let's Sing

Let's shake the earth
The mountains they should tremble
Waters they stop flowing
The power of God fills this place

Hey let's sing
And praise the king
To put a smile on his face
To lay in his embrace
He's so near
Salvation's here
All the saints join this song
Hey yeah let's sing along

Hey let's sing
To the risen king
The hope of humanity
The truth, that sets us free
Lift him up
No need to stop
Yes it comes from above
This overflowing love

Let's sing out loud
Animals raise up their heads
Flowers they laugh and greet
The presence of God fills this place

So clap your hands
And lift up all your voices
The sun lights up the sky
The glory of God fills this place
Intimate Togetherness

Everyday I start again
In the love you have for me
It's your grace and it's your strength,
Enables me to live in your will

Intimate togetherness
Worship surpasses everything
Relationship, I've found between me and you
Narrow road it leads to life
The sense of life I have recognized in you

Quiet times in my storms
Help me to rest in your peace
In worship I recognize
What I am made for, I live for

Open arms received me
Amazing grace touched me
Experience only I can have with you
Heaven's door a narrow gate
Only one way leads into it, Jesus Christ
The Longings

I look at you secretly
I am watching you desperately
I behave like an actress
In my heart is such a mess
I'm in distress

I saw you with that girl
I'm so jealous i hate her
I want you by my side
Only you can make me feel right

I'm going to fight
Until I break her might
C'mon give me a sign
Hey, you're mine!

Deep inside I know, that I'm wrong
Don't know where I belong
It's not my place by your side,
Who'll hold me tight

My last cigarette in my hand
Everything in my heart feels so cold and
Only you can stop the pain
I am longing for you in vain
Shivering in the rain

Wanna take her place
Ready to win the race
I can't be without you
Free me out of the blue

Captured in my spell
You got to feel so well
C'mon give me a sign
Hey, you're mine!
Dream Of Your Appearance

My heart feels so sad
This evil is so bad
I'd love to go away
I'm chained and jailed each day

I don't know where to go
My legs don't bear me anymore
I break down and I see
You come from heaven to me

You lift me up
On your arms to heavens door
I become conscious
And you are gone, return to me

I feel oh so weak
And all is so bleak
People stand around
I lay exhausted on the ground

My tears show my pain
They mix with the falling rain
I faint and lose the fight
You appear as the light
Somebody Save My Soul

Nobody loves you
And you are on your own
Nobody loves you
And you're all alone

Please somebody let me out
Please somebody hear me shout
Please somebody let me see
Please somebody rescue me
And set me free

That someone would release my soul
That someone would take control
I am stumbling in the darkness
I don't see please hear me calling
Please hear my begging
That somebody let me go
That someone would save my soul

Everyone hates you
And noone is by your side
Everyone hates you
And you are nobody's pride

That someone could ease my pain
Before i am going insane
I feel that cold in my heart
I don't see please hear me calling
Please hear my begging
That somebody let me go
That someone would save my soul
Unbearable Fear

I’m scared about tomorrow
I’m under pressure, I’m feeling so blue
Terrible thoughts, what’s expecting me
I’m going through the hell, what should I do

Nothing calms down, I don’t lie
The fear is so immense, that I want to die

Don’t I deserve a beautiful life
Day by day I fight to survive
My daily life is so unbearable for me
Why doesn’t anything help me

This endless fear, I can’t stand it
It’s repeating day and night
Fear of work, fear of people
Fear of putting on weight, it’s a hopeless fight

This life isn’t worth living anymore
But the way out is behind a closed door
I’m on my knees
Help me please
Part Of My Heart

I remember, how it has begun,
I admired the way you are and what you have done
It has grown a deep feeling for you
And you’ve become so important for me,too
Thank you, that I may have contact to you,
Thank you for your support and everything you do

You’re part of my heart deep inside,
You’re always in my minds day and night
I can learn so much from you

There’s not much, that you have to do,
I’m so pleased for writing and talking to you
I know, that you’re not dependent on me,
But I would like, that you know something absolutely
If you ever need help or have to talk to,
No matter what it is, I’d be here for you

You’re part of my heart deep inside,
You’re always in my minds day and night
I can learn so much from you
You helped me to understand,
How important it is, to have a friend
I wish I could help you in something, too

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