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Why were you never there
I would have needed you
You never understood
I always tried to talk to you
You don't know who i am
You simply just don't know me
What I've been going through
You are a stranger to me

I had to quit with you
And that is why i had to
To go away and cut the link
To go away from you
You're my father that's true
But to leave, I had to
To find my way I couldn't stay
You've missed it all you can't return
It's the lesson you have to learn

I gave you one last chance
It has seemed one more time
It was out of my hands
If you get the words of mine
I'm thinking what I should do
I know my heart feels sad
I cannot talk to you
You will never understand

Beloved Brother
[dedicated to Reese Gentle]

I can hear, can hear your moan
And again you're standing alone
And all the sins you have done
One day they all'd be gone
So you think you can tell
Welcome to hell

And why did you never read
That there someone had got to bleed
Were you afraid of the truth
Nailed to that crux
Feeling that cold, cold bad blade
Wearing Doc Martins and a Shreyd
Your jacket oh so oh so dark
While fighting in that park
No sympathy for his kids
Smash them to bits

You can't do it on your own
You will fail all alone
Call yourself the evil one
But you are fearing the son
You are hating that bright light
You prefer the darkest night
A reflection of your soul
Crying in your hole
So you think you feel well
Captured in hell

Brother what has become of you
Hear your sister cries for you
It is hurting me so deep inside
To hear crying this abused child

They call you the toughest hool
What makes you feel kinda cool
It's your revenge, you pay back
Who stands your attack
Still you are not satisfied
You feel that aching deep inside
You realize that nothing changed
And now you feel deranged
I am crying for you
You're lost and blue

Now it's you who does offend
What destroyes you in the end
Now you are the chosen one
You're the evil son
Now you are one of them too
You have failed they've conquered you
So accept it, yes it's true
You are lost and blue
But it's easy to see
You could be free

God I Need You

A silent cry
My throat is so dry
I have no sight
Can't see in the night
I am stuck
Crawling in the dirt
I can't escape
I feel this bad hurt

I'm tired, can't move on
Can't do this on my own
My wounds, see my scars
My heart is like a stone
Hear me when I pray
I can't hear your soft voice
Screaming to the sky
In my head a bad noise
I thought I'd be strong
But I know I was wrong
I need your strength, your grace too
God I need, I need you

I go down, the water is up to my neck, I scream to you
Can't bear the truth, I can't let go
I can't help it, I feel blue
The pain goes so deep oh I need you

I run, but I cave in so deep like in drift sand
I will drown
My God please save me take my hand


The night closes in
It's a special day
People on the dancefloor
The music starts to play
Stand up start to dance
And here comes my chance
Wanna dance with you
The whole night through

Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta and we are dancing the whole night through
Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta till the sunrise
Yeah, yeah, only me and you

A sweet smile for me
Gets me into trance
You're such a good dancer
Never stop to dance
I'll never let you go
Cause I love you so
I know exactly
That you're the only one for me

Oh dance with me, dance with me, dance with me, dance with me
Oh yeah, hey
Oh dance with me, dance with me, dance with me, dance with me
Oh yeah, hey

And then comes the time
Where the party ends
The music stops to play
You still hold my hands
Everyone can see
You belong to me
Yes I love you so
So please never let me go

Keep On Loving You

You say you are old and gray
You are afraid that this is why I won't stay
You fear to be obsolete
Your knowledge is incomplete
You're afraid of losing it all
That you lose stand and that you will fall

Please don't give up
I'll keep always looking after you
Good things need some time
But one day they will come true
And I'll never stop, I'll never stop, never stop loving you
And I'll never stop, keep on loving you, keep on loving you

You say you will lose control
Obsessed and occupied you sold your soul
You fear to be left alone
You're not needed anymore
Your heart turns into stone
You say that you hate cheat
You're afraid that you suffer from their greed

Hard Times

Lying in bed
A fight in my head
Can't see it clear
But it's always here
I'm feeling empty
Oh it is eating me
Beginning to cry
I don't know why

Is this sense of life
Why can't it be nice
Like it use to be
When I was happy
This person is not me
Someone I don't wanna be
Please help me to see
How I can be free

Hundred stabs from a knife
Want to destroy my life
All this pain everyday
Walks along with me on my way

Snowed under it
I feel so sick
See inside of me
It's not a game it's reality
Lost in the dark
Life is so hard
I turn turn turn around
I scream but there's no way out

Can't talk of it
I won't forget it
Happiness again
Seek change if I can
In the middle of the night
Noone's holding me tight
Pain runs deep
I can't take it

He Died For You

You're out of hope, makes your life sense?
(You see that you're on the edge)
And you feel your life is so tense
(You can't go on)
You've lost your path you live in doubt
(A blind who's stumbling in the dark)
You realize there's no way out
(No way)
No way out

There's someone who loves you
And there's one thing to do
Turn around, come back, stay in God's embrace
Jesus came into this world
To search the herd of lost
To give them devine grace

He died for you
He gave his life
To pay the price with his blood
He died for you
To save you and
To reconcile you with your God

We all have failed, have gone astray
(We didn't ask for our God)
And we have chosen our own way
(We have left God)
But his forgiveness brings relief
(See what Jesus has done for you)
All you need is just belief
Just belief

You are loved by your God
He's waiting for you too
Open your heart when Jesus is calling you
He's the way, he's the truth
He gives his hand to you
And he wants to save you


Not everything is what it seems
You could be profoundly wrong
Be careful and listen!

Not every smile means that I'm fine
Just because I don't cry, it doesn't mean, that I don't want it to do
When I look strong, it also could mean, that I'm completely exhausted
When I say, everything is alright, it also could be a cry for help
And if you think you know me, I say you're wrong! Listen!

A mask covers my face
I can't show how I feel
You have to see behind it
Cause I don't dare to be real
A mask covers my face
If you want to know the truth
See behind my pokerface

You can see, when I truly smile
It's because now I cry, you know, that I definitely have it to do
So I look weak, and you see, that I'm completely exhausted
Darling I say, nothing is alright, and you are here to offer help
It's only you, who knows me, you're right! Listen.

No mask covers my face
I can show you how I feel
Just you can see behind it
And so I dare to be real
No mask covers my face
You see my face undisguised
There is no more a pokerface

Sent From Heaven

Heart throb, I'm so weak
I've got no words, I've got no speech
The time, passing by on my watch
Missing you so much
Like a dream, became true
Definitely fallen in love with you

Sent from heaven
You must be
You are
The greatest gift for me

The stars in our heaven
A house on cloud numbre seven
Over seas and mountains let us fly
There's a ladder up to the sky
Wanna walk, on the rainbow
Can't help it, I love you so

[dedicated to Reese Gentle]

Dear brother please listen to me
Life could be a nightmare yes I do agree
The shadows from your past surround your soul
They fight to take complete control

A soft whisper in your ear keeps you awake
The demons' intention wants to break
All the good in you that wants to shine
And has been tormented for such a long time

Hating the world is what you've learned to do
Noone is allowed to come close to you
Disguising your heart behind a mask
Seeing through you is a difficult task

People pose a threat to your bleeding soul
They could reopen the deep black hole
All the things that noone is allowed to know
Are the tears you cry at night into your pillow

Won't let you down
Won't be deceived, I see you
Reach out my hands for you
I want to give
You a safe place to stay
Please don't run away
The pain you have to go through
This tear I cry for you
I loved to be here for you

Call My Name

What, what would you do
If all had changed
And nothing was the same
Would you take stand
Stand up and fight
Would you call my name
Why would you go
Why would you leave
And just walk away
As there was no
Just no more hope
And no reason to stay

Then when it comes down, down to the last
The last fight for mankind
All the soldiers stand with their shields
And are left behind
The great silence before the storm
Before the power breakes free
The stampede of warhorses
In the dust of deserts sea

Once we were friends, fathers and sons
Belief devides in two
What we believe is what we say
What we say is what we do
And so it comes comes to an end
Everything dust, destroyed
And the desert is filled with blood
Sacrifieced to void

You're exhausted in the dust
Your sword is broken
Your friends are dead, you are lost
Last words unspoken
You gave it all
Didn't believe but now you see
Would you be calling my name
Would you call for me


So you say you had to come back
That now you would stay with me
But again you're telling stories
Oh your wildest fantasy
But if you were true and honest
You could look me in the eyes
You don't see my fears and worries
I just don't believe your lies

Something dark that walks behind you
Catches up and takes you in
You tried so hard to forget
But it crawles under your skin
So you start walking little faster
Each step could be your last
But it's catching up and coming closer
All the echos from your past

So you say that you have changed now
That from now on you'll be true
But I see behind your facade
Your broken heart that feels so blue
You pretend that you aint broken
That you were out to have some fun
But I see the tears you're hiding
And the shine is lost and gone

Please forgive me when I ask
I simply have to know, what do you really feel
How can you just go on, it seems so unreal
Would you please now bear with me
I simply have to know, why do you live in fears
A broken hearted soul, don't shed your tears

So you say that all is okay
Just to turn all upside down
I can't help, when you are talking
Turns my forehead into frown
Yes I know you're broken hearted
And for sure you're feeling so blue
Don't you think that you can fool me
I was broken hearted too


Sometimes I ask myself
I'm so desperate
Am I doing it right?

I wish so much, that you are so proud of me
That I deserve it that you will come to set me free

Lord, you had been with us so long time ago
They have terribly tortured you, yes I know
You died for us, to set us free
To heavens door only you are the key

Sometimes I did wrong
I'm so sorry
Can you forgive me please?

Now you are no longer with us on earth
The place I have to live since my birth
Your return I will celebrate
It is the day, I just cannot await

Holy is your name, Lord I praise you
For the great miracle you want to do
Your true love to all the redeemed
Lord Jesus, Savior we need

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