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Undeserved Love

I'm afraid that you
You won't be satisfied
That I'll fail so bad
I can't do it right

Disappointed with me
Oh so bad to see
and I wanted to show
You can be proud of me

You taught me I can't do
Anything without you
Separated from you
oh nothing that I can do

Nothing I could ever do
To deserve the love from you
It's your will to love me for free
You don't love me cause I'm good
it's not me it's your godhood
That says that you do love me

For and far too long
I thought that I would be strong
I can't do it alone
And I was so so wrong

So now I understand
That it's out of my hands
Don't have to prove anything
No, I just have to begin


Fears, in the night
Fears, you can't fight
Fears, where's the light
You can't bear, bear the night

Tears in your eyes
Broken dreams and lies
Fears, that crawl up slowly into your mind
All night long
You get no sleep
Your thoughts keep you awake and you cry
All the mess in this world
And you doubt, you wonder why

Some day, everyone is leaving
Some day, everyone is gone
Some day, everyone is dying
You think this must be so wrong
There is no good, "this world is sad"
There is no joy, "this world is bad"
But listen well and understand
One day, someone was dying
And he gave his life for you
Redemption's here and it's for you
It is a gift it's for you too
And what you choose is in your hands

Fears, every day
Fears, along your way
Fears, bothering you
You can't bear, what they do

Raised from the death
He is coming back
Heals, restores the broken children
Makes all anew
His kingdom comes
And grace comes to the land with great glory
All the mess in this world
Is gone eternally

All I Need

I've been searching for a light
A guiding star that's shining bright
I've been looking for my peace
But still there is just no release
And I've been wanting you so much
Thus I've been longing for your touch
And it feels like i just want to die
Fly away

The darkest secret that was never told
The sacrifice that's rotten and so cold
It's the obstacle that keeps the gate forever closed
No salvation from the dark
And I'm weaping down in my darkest hole
Nobody's mercy helps my soul
And from the ashes like a phoenix that's arising to the
The flames that eat the truth

Just Deep Inside

God I ask you why
It's so hard to try
To get in touch with you
I really have no clue
It's like I scream and shout
I drown into my doubts
Are you far or near
Where are you, I'm here
But still I am holding on to you
I'm sure I can trust in you

It's just deep inside
Something holds me tight
Even if I fear to break
It's a moral certainty
A soft wisper telling me
You're here and I'm safe in you

How could I explain
I just call your name
Thank you God that you won't let me go
Hard to understand
My life in your hand
This grace and gift that you do love me so

God I need you here
I'm in doubt and fear
I need your advice
But you're in disguise
Praying in my bed
Thoughts running through my head
God I can't hear you
I don't know what to do
But still I am holding on to you
I'm sure I can trust in you


A tear rolls down my cheek
Like numbed, I can't speak
The pain breaks my heart in two

I break down and cry
There's no sense
I don't know why
Why did you have to leave
I need you

I can't let you go
Cause I love, love you so
Oh it hurts me baby
It destroys me baby
How could you forsake me

My life is like erased
A bitter, awful taste
My heart can't believe the truth

I'd wish that I could know
Why you hurt, hurt me so
I thought we are like one
I need you


Starlight, starlight
Starlight take me home

I feel this solitude
I feel so lone
Starlight take me home
Drunken of my agony
Close to suicide
I search a way to flee
Just my way out

Addiction keeps me prisoned
In my own jail
There is just no way out
Smile of a veil
Like bees around a honeypot
I must come back
I can't withstand the feelings
There's no way out
I felt the love you gave to me
First time in life
But isolation cuts the beauty
Kills the life

I feel so desperate
In my dark hole
Sadness kills my soul
From misery of my life
I run away
I try to survive
So i can't stay

I lost all to addiction
I lost control
I lost my will and mind
I lost my soul
I float in the nothing
I stand no ground
I moan, i toss and turn
I spin around
It is a fake shelter
I am not save
All just a big illusion
A dark deep cave

Scared To Lose You

You rescued my starving soul
You led me out of my dark black hole
You brought me back to life
So happy that I am your wife

All I need is you
My life makes no sense without you
You are everything for me
Without you I cannot be

I'm so scared to lose you
I cannot live without you
You are the reason why I live
You saved me from dying
Cause of you I stopped crying

My greatest gift is you
Nothing else I ever want except you
The pain breaks my heart in two
When I can't be with you

You are my guiding light
You are my guardian angel in the darkest night
I am save when you are here
On your side I never have to fear

I'm so scared to lose you
I cannot live without you
You are the reason why I live
You saved me from dying
Cause of you I stopped crying
I'm so scared to lose you
I cannot live without you
I pray to the Lord that he'll never take you away from me
I beg that you may always stay with me

Never Ending Love

Love knows no sex, am I right
Don’t have to be a lover, don’t need sex and candle light
I feel so much for you, that it hurts in some way
My love is so indescribable, more than words can ever say

Trying to live my life, concentrating on my own
Doing my job or writing a new song
Walking down the street, watching TV
Lying in bed, feeling this pain inside of me
Trying to stop thinking, trying to leave the world behind
But nothing can help it, you’re always in my mind

Never ending love, it’s a never ending love, I don’t know why you
You toughed my heart, you toughed my soul, I can’t let you go
I wish we could be friends me and you
But it seems it’s an impossible desire, I feel so blue

So much feeling, I’m looking at you
It’s hurting, I don’t know what to do
It’s making me sad, that I can’t tell it to you
But I’m scared that you, would never understand the truth
I turn my eyes away, soon I’ll have to go
And you will never know, that I love you so

My love will be for eternity
But it will always be a secret of me
Nothing could ever destroy, what I feel for you
No matter what may come, I’ll always be here for you

Safe Under Your Spell

Trapped in a cage and so lost and only he has got the key
He's the lord of all the blinded souls that beg to set them free
And he leads them when the time is right to do so he's so proud
To be their shaky light a flame that leads them through the night
Like phosphorus, glowing strong in eternity

I don't need to be so shy
I don't have to shed my tears
I don't need to have no fears
I'm your little firefly
And don't ask you for the why
Cause only angels love to cry
Cause behind all is your love
You paint some rainbows in my skys
It's your true love in disguise
I don't have to fear a thing
I'm so beautiful and well
And I'm save under your spell

He owns her heart, he owns her soul
He owns her mind, she's under his complete control
He owns her flesh, he owns her hair
He owns her all and everywhere
She is his spice and he's her salt
She never will demand a halt
She sure feels his authority
He is her owner can't you see
She sure feels his authority

Her eyes are bonded and she can't see
Her hands are bound, she is not free
She can not hide, she has to show
And he will never let her go
He turns her on, he makes her weak
It's her desire at the peak
He is her master, she's his slave
He's got the key into her cage
He's her master, she's his slave

Your Last Day

If there is a second chance to take
A decision to make
A reset key
To push that you could get free
It's God's mercy, a gift for you and me

If today it is your last day to live are you prepared?
If you face your creator now would you feel relieved or scared?
Would you know God's devine grace or would you be despaired?

Did you ever ask yourself, why you are here?
If there could be a meaning?
Did you ever wonder where you will go after life?
What do you say: That you are young and that you still have enough time?
Do you prefer to have no questions?
Do you think, your life is alright?
Or do you regret something?

Did you know you're not a coincidence
The light of your presence
There's a sense
Don't think it's just a pretense
God is waiting for you, because he loves you

Is there shame and quilt in your life?
Is there anything in your life and you wish to wipe the slate clean?
If there is a chance for e return, will you decide yourself to do it?
Why don't you do it right now and adress your desire to God?
He won't reject you.

Hard To Let You Go

Life can change, what has been suddenly finds an end
I wish I could do something against, but that's out of my hands
It's beyond my control, the decision's done and hurts me in my soul

I don't know what I should say
Now we are not going the same way
You have done what you could do
So I express all my thanks to you

It's not easy for me to evolve a bonding to someone
It threatens to break and my confidence could be gone
I feel so alone, my heart feels heavy like a stone

I don't know what I should say
Now we are not going the same way
You have done what you could do
So I express all my thanks to you
Staring back to your window
It is hard for me to let you go

Sweet Loving

Well she was standing there feeling kind of blue
She was looking out for you she wants to see you true
She can't forget you and she's always losing track
Can't you see she needs you so she's always coming back

She was looking for good good loving some old school rock n roll
And someone to lift up her soul
Oh, don't you leave, don't go away
She needs you here, she needs you, needs you to stay
Oh no, oh don't you leave don't go away

The band plays their tune that she used to love
No she can not stay
She's leaving that bar where they used to date
Cause now he's so far away, so far away
She's staring at walls stories and lies
A bad broken heart tears in her eyes
Her akeing heart tears in her eyes

Looking in her whiskey glass she's playing with the cubes
Tries to identify the failures and the clues
She would be ready to admit where she's been wrong
If only time turned back she knew where she'd belong

She was looking for sweet sweet loving some old school rock n roll
And someone to lift up her soul

Thinking of the fun they had the rainbows in the skies
Watching at night the shooting stars the laughings and the cries
Also these memories only tearing her apart
She's breaking down and cries that akeing, broken heart

She was looking for good good loving some old school rock n roll
And someone to lift up her soul

Well she was standing there and she was losing track
She was looking out for you she'd always coming back

Yeah, she was looking for sweet sweet loving some old school rock n roll
And someone to lift up her soul

Yeah, she was looking for sweet sweet loving at night
Yeah, she was looking for sweet sweet loving all right

You Tell Me A Story

A new day begins
I open my eyes
Sunbeams warmth me
Beautiful sunrise
You lay not beside me
I try to be strong
Your note says you love me
But I know it's wrong

You tell me a story
But I think it's a lie
I beg for your trueness
But you do deny
You say that you're sorry
But I think you just lie
That's why I say goodbye

I hear my phone ring
So I say hello
You say that you miss me
That you love me so
So I ask you
Why did you leave
You tell me a story
I can't believe

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