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Attack! / Dreaming Of You

Hey you! I’ve got you in my sights
No escape and turn on the lights
The fight can begin, it’s all or nothing
Excitement is in the air, approach me if you dare
Your gaze is fixed and dangerously, who’s going to win, we will see

Here I am, here I am, I’m ready, c’mon, c’mon, dare you, attack me

I’m ducking and dodging your blow
I’m punching back and bringing you low
You’re getting back on your feet, sweating, feeling the heat
You’re driving me into a corner, you’re becoming stronger
You’re planting yourself in front of me, I’m taking cover immediately

You have gone, I’m standing here alone, you’re instructing, but I have to do it on my own
It wasn’t real, I was just dreaming, that it come true, everything I would do

Oh I wish I could spending time with you, but I fear my desire will never come true
There’s nothing else I could do, except dreaming of you

You’re like a star, you take my breath away, you’re amazing, I could watching you everyday
To take part in your lesson makes me happy, but I wish a fight together just you and me

Run Run Run

I need space and time to work out who and what I am
I'm feeling badly broken, tired and so sad

I just run away
I got no reason here to stay
I need to find myself again
I'm feeling bad

Run run run, run away
Run run run, you can't stay
Run run run, fear this place
Run run run, it's a race

And I still love you
It's not that I wouldn't see
What you mean to me
And sure it's no one's fault
And all these memories
I start to cry
I don't know why

I need space and time to work out who and what I am
I'm feeling badly broken, tired and so sad

Run run run, don't give in
Run run run, can you win?
Run run run, don't look back
Run run run, from the black

I just run away
I got no reason here to stay
I need to find myself again
I'm feeling bad

You're My God

Not strong
So wrong
Bad pain
In vain

I have lost confidence in you
Stumbled my own way
I have gone astray

Left you
It's true

I do penance
I return to you
You're my God, you're my truth
Lay all my trust in you
You're my God

I felt so weak
I thought, I'm not strong
I forgot, that you're here
I won't have to fear
You're my God and for you
Nothing you can't do

Bright light

I won't accept
Any doubts and fears
It's your plan, to guide me
To fulfill your will in me
You're my God

I'm on my knees
I worship you my God
I'm your child and I shout
All my praise to you out loud
You're my God

Coreign's Hymn

See, it's time to break with all rules for a while
Relax and let behind all your duties and have, have a smile
Tonight it's the night of no worries and no grief
Tonight let's celebrate all the good times just feel, feel relief

Feel the rhythm, dance with us
We celebrate tonight
Enjoy now the party time
Dance into the light
Fall in love and rock the ground
Dig into the sound
Flashing lights in the night
Freedom all around
Coreigns Hymn now live on stage
So get into the groove
Open up your heart and see
This tune makes you move
C'mon, sing along with us
The lyrics of this song
Let all the pain behind
The music makes us strong

Hear all the laugh, sing and dance, just rejoice
Carried by the sound, feel free and lift up, lift up your voice
Don't hesitate to break all chains around your heart
Just feel the good time we have tonight, open your heart

Lay All Down

You're broken and in distress
So captured in weakness
Forgiveness is it here for you?
Someone who makes it anew?
There is!

Come to him and lay all down
To the cross all your guilt and shame
Jesus died to wash all sins away
For you too

God's power is in weakness
He is the light in darkness
Christ's power will rest on you
Cause when you're weak he's with you
So strong!

If feels like broken wings
Like the end of your dreams
Shattered on the ground
Destitution all around
The abyss of despair
The peak of nightmare
Return to the one
Who gave his son

If I Only Could Be With You

I don't dare to show how I feel
I'm too scared, I can't be real
But my heart says,
I wish you won't leave again
See who I am

I starve for your love cause I need you by my side
I lay awake in the night
You don't know that my heart is broken in two
Darling I need you

It hurts so deep inside
That you're not here to hold me tight
My heart feels sad
I smile but I wish I could cry
And that is why

I've Been Waiting

Drowning in your eyes
Charmed by their magic spell
Your sweet kisses
Make me feel so well
Your strong arms
They hold me tight
You are so close
Everything feels so right

My sweet darling
Never I let you go
I need you baby
Cause I love you so
It's only you
Who I want so much
I'm longing for
Your desiring touch

I have been waiting, oh so long, so long for you
I didn't believe that you exist and you are true
Burried alive you freed me from my grave
By your side is my home where I feel secure and safe

Every minute
In my thoughts you're with me
Can't be without you
We're like one, do you agree
Always together
Nothing can tear us apart
Ever and ever
You're always in my heart

I remember
Your soft hands on my skin
You touch my heart
You're my soul, my everything
I've got nothing
When I don't have you
You are my life
I can't be without you

One Day

One day...
One day...

And then one day a ship will come
And take me far
To the dark red flaming star - that's very far
And then one day a ship will come
And take me home where i belong

Come with me to the red flaming star
And the ship will head for distant shores
Will you ride with me inside blue galaxy
But the ship will never never return
One day, one day, one day

And then one day my prince will come
And take me far
With his interstellar car - go very far
And then one day he'll ease my pain
He'll be my King and I'm his reign

And then one day my dreams come true
And i'll go far
With his super spacecraft car - go very far
And then one day he'll marry me
He'll be my king, his queen that's me

Keep My Eyes On You

I exalt you holy God
Who gave me a brand new start
All of my heart is explored
By you my Lord
And all my hope is in you
Because you are the truth
You are the place I belong
All day long

Almight God
Keep me safe, for in you I take refuge

Praise you God I will always keep my eyes on you
Your will alone shall be in all I do
Glorious is your name holy majesty
You give me relief in your endless safety

It is the light of your face
It is your mercy and grace
Thank you for your blessedness
And righteousness
I do praise you in distress
Also I do in darkness
In the darkest valley
You are with me


Lost deep inside
Deep black darkness, no light
Chaptured in my own prison
I can't break free
It's the deep loneliness that says that my life

Is in vain
What can I do to ease the pain
Senseless why do I keep going on
When my life is without sense, joy and fun

Appreciation is what I need
My effort a daring deed
I starve and I harm myself
I destroy my body also my soul
I hit against the wall
My forehead starts to bleed
But I can't feel the pain cause
It's the pain inside
That transcends everything
All my efforts to stop the pain
Have only destroyed myself
Have led to bane

Like a curse
But what was worse
I believed I was on the right way
I would find heaven
But the truth is my life

Perfect Phase

Desperation is your pay
You've got no reason anyway
In your jail you toss and turn
Beyond the point of no return
It's your lonely heart in seek
It's the message that was bleak
You're obsessed by fear and hate
It's much too late

Fear / hate
Sloth / pate
Grief / fate
Much much much much much too late
Greed / pain
Death / vain
Lies / love dies
All around you

It's only in your fantasy
When you chase the unicorn
You were accused of heresy
They put you in the uniform
You are in the perfect phase
You never had that silver spoon
Feeling dependant of their grace
Your dreams had ended much too soon

The visions that you once received
Have turned into your broken dreams
The bridge you passed fell into dust
And you know what that means
The lonely sleep and stolen hope
You have reach the final shore
Your mission somehow is out of scope
And now you're crawling to the core

Thou Shant Dupe

You pretend to know it well
What is good and what is hell
What simple hypocrisy
You is bad and good as me

When you join the devil's dance
Just at first a true romance
Take their land and take their soul
Asking for complete control

Thou shant dupe thou shant lie
Thou shant dupe thou shant make nobody die
Thou shant take no nothing from ya friend
Cause you know thou shant dupe or it's the end

Ain't gonna dupe no more
Ain't gonna lie no more
No more cheating and no more lying
No, ain't gonna dupe no more

Without You

I know it's alright
Although I have to fight
Storms and misery
They are surrounding me
But you will help me through
So I call you

God what could I do
Without you
Humbled by your grace
Saved in your embrace
I'd like to go each day
The next step on my way
In everything I do
My power comes from you

My life is in your hands
It's my confidence
Go on day by day
I know it is okay
You are by my side
In every fight

God you can hear
my voice when I fear
Saviour I know
I need you so
I feel this devine love
That comes from above
God what could I do
Without you

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