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COREIGN - new Album 'Gravity' released

We are very happy and most proud to inform you that on 31 March 2018 we have released our new

Album 'Gravity'

Guest Musician Kojiro COPAN Kawai [Japan].

Cover Artwork by Elena Dudina.

It is already available on most major download and streaming portals, see page Songs...



COREIGN on the air - upcoming...

On Wednesday 11 July 2018, Coreign will be aired on Zap Niles Radio Show 'Prog-Scure' on Radio Prog Rock (USA), starting at 8 am (CST). Tune in!

Thanks a lot, Zap!

Prog Rock Radio


COREIGN signed with Exquisite Noise Records

We are very happy and most proud to announce that Coreign has signed a distribution contract with Exquisite Noise Records (USA). As our Partner, Exquisite Noise Records will take care of our music distribution especially in the USA and on specific music portals worldwide, starting April 2018.

Thank you very much, Jason!

Exquisite Noise Records
blog: https://exquisitenoise.wordpress.com/
fb: https://www.facebook.com/ExquisiteNoiseRecords/
tw: https://twitter.com/ExquisiteNoiseR
in: https://www.instagram.com/exquisite_noise/
Coreign @ ENR: https://exquisitenoise.wordpress.com/roster/#Coreign


COREIGN in the Top 10 of week June 11 on Wild Dawg Radio

Coreign's song 'Your Last Day' did a #6 ranking in the Top 10 of the week June 11 on Wild Dawgs Radio (USA). Thanks a lot to the listeners, it makes us very happy and proud. Thank you!

And thanks a lot to our Bro, Doug!

Wild Dawg Radio


COREIGN's 'Scared To Lose You' Knaller Song of the week @ RDD Netherlands

Coreign's 'Scared To Lose You' ranked 'Knaller of the week' on 10 May 2018 in their Radio Show 'Powerplant op Dinxper FM' at RDD Dinxper FM (NL). we are most proud and happy that our Song has acheived this title!

Thank you very much, Ronald and the listeners!

RDD Dinxper FM


COREIGN #7 in Top 10 of Monies New Music

Our Song 'Coreign's Hymn' did a #7 ranking in the Top 10 charts (week Apr 16) on Monie's New Music Radio (UK). We are very proud and honored. Thanks to the Listeners and Voters!

Thanks a lot, Monie and Cynthia!

Monie's New Music

(MNM is a member of RIA Radio Indie Alliance).



COREIGN #7 in Top 10 of UK Independent

Our Song 'Starlight' was ranked a #7 in the Top 10 charts (week Apr 16) of the UK Independent (UK). Thanks to the Listeners and Voters!

Thank you very much Kevin!

UK Independent Episode 31

(UKI is a member of RIA Radio Indie Alliance).



COREIGN ranking #9 in Top 25 of Sweet Sunday Sounds on Valley FM

Coreign's Song 'Just Deep Inside' ranked #9 in the Top 25 of Sweet Sunday Sounds on Valley FM Canberra (AUS). Thanks a lot to the Listeners and Voters, we are most proud and happy. Very much apprechiated!

Valley FM Canberra


COREIGN on the air periodically

Coreign's songs have been added on Power 91 FM (USA) to be aired periodically on Independent Insomniac Insanity. we are happy and most proud to be part of their rotation!

Tune in on Thursdays 12:01 am Eastern!

Power 91 FM


COREIGN's 'Run Run Run' ranking #2

Awesome #2 ranking for Coreign's 'Run Run Run' on Doug Russ​'s Wild Dawg Radio (USA) for March 14th.

Thanks to the listeners and to our Brother Doug!!!

The Rawk Dawg fb post


COREIGN in Top 20 on Wild Dawgs Radio, March 2018

Coreign is in the Top 20 Artists & Bands of the March 2018 List at Wild Dawgs Radio (USA).

"Noon Eastern Mondays thru Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays throughout the month for March's Top 20 Artists & Bands of Wild Dawgs Radio."

We are very happy and proud, this is a great honor for us. Thanks a lot to the listeners and voters. And thanks a lot, Doug Bro, for your continuous and outstanding support of Coreign in particular and of all the great Indie Bands in general.

Thank you Doug Bro, you rawk!!

Wild Dawgs Radio


COREIGN #6 in the Top 10 on Q108, March week 5th

Coreign did #6 on Radio Q108 (Canada) in their
Top 10 List for March week 5th.

Awesome, a great honor for us, we are most happy and proud. Thanks to all the Listeners and Voters!

Thank you very much, Randy!

Radio Q108



COREIGN on March 2018 Featured Artits Playlist of Darkland Promotions

We are happy and proud that our song 'I Wait For You' is on the March 2018 Featured Artists playlist of Darkland Promotions.

Thanks a lot, Lady IMQ, you rawk!!!

DP FA playlist March 2018


COREIGN - song of the week at Talent Cast Netherlands

We are very happy that our song 'Run Run Run' was voted as Song Of The Week 5 in 2018 with Talent Cast (Netherlands). Thank you very much Johan, the listeners and voters. we are very proud of this honor.

Talent Cast

Great to be aired by this Radio Station and it's associates Ede FM (Netherlands), Universe Radio (Netherlands) and Fame Music Radio (South Africa).



We are very happy and proud to inform you that Coreign has returned 100% of all album sales and copyright / performance royalty earnings of
the year 2017 into charity projects.

Yes, that's right: 100 % !!! We support medical and human aid, childrens shelter as well as animal protection organizations. So, every COREIGN album you bought or song you downloaded / streamed at the same time supported a positive change on this planet.

Let Love rule the world Thank you very much!

Curry & Reto, COREIGN


COREIGN fan items

Now you can get your Coreign fan items like
. T-shirts
. phone covers
. stickers
. and notebooks,
delivered also in your country by RedBubble! In case something is missing or you'd like to suggest a new item, just let us know!

see page merch...




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