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 COREIGN on compilation of CoreMusick Promotions

COREIGN's song 'Hunger' was added in the compilation ‘The Violence of Mankind Chapter II’ of CoreMusick Promotions (UK). We are most happy and proud to be on this compilation!

The compilation can be found here:


COREIGN - new album "Equality" released!

We are very proud to inform you that on 27 Nov 2016 we have released our new album 'Equality'.

As composers we like to write songs in many genres, so apart from the usual progressive hard rock songs
you can find again some other tunes... this time with some jazzy influences ;-)

Enjoy and have a great day!

Curry & Reti

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COREIGN - Jingles for the Radio Shows "Welcome To Heaven" and "Welcome To Hell"

COREIGN is very proud to be the producer of the Jingles for the Radio Shows "Welcome To Heaven" and "Welcome To Hell" of our good friend and Brother DJ Diablo at Firebrand Radio (UK).



 Renamed: CORE now is COREIGN

Due to the fact that there are hundreds of Bands by the Name of 'CORE' we decided to change our Band name to COREIGN, starting June 2016.

The old albums were taken off the market and are not available any more  (so some of you have some rarities ;-) )

We are in the progress of re-recording several of the already released songs to reflect our advances both in crafting and technical improvements.
Stay tuned ...

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