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COREIGN - new Album 'Continuity' released!

We are very proud to inform you that on 28 Oct 2017 we have released our new album 'Continuity'.

It contains 13 COREIGN-style Progressive Hard Rock songs and it reflects our latest advancements in crafting our music. The photos for the cover were colorized by Elena Dudina.

It was sent out the the Radio Stations and Reviewers. And it is already avaliable with all major streaming and download portals.

Stay tuned!

Curry & Reto

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COREIGN featured artist /on the air

Since 5 Nov 2017, our new Album 'Continuity' is added into the rotation of Full Rock Radio Bogota, Colombia.

We are most proud to be one of their featured artists and on a regular spin on this great radio station.

Thanks a lot hermano Manuel, you rock!!!

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We are very happy and proud to inform you that COREIGN has decided to return 100% of all album sales and copyright / performance royalty earnings of
the year 2017 into charity projects.

Yes, that's right: 100 % !!! We support medical and human aid, childrens shelter as well as animal protection organizations. So, every COREIGN album you buy or song you download / stream will at the same time support a positive change on this planet.

Let Love rule the world. Thank you very much!

Curry & Reto, COREIGN


COREIGN fan items

Now you can get your COREIGN fan items like
. T-shirts
. phone covers
. stickers
. and notebooks,
delivered also in your country by RedBubble! In case something is missing or you'd like to suggest a new item, just let us know!

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